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AbadIA: How to build an AI from zero to learn to play and solve a tough game

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Juantomás Garcia Molina

Chief Envisioning Officer at Sngular


The process of building an AI looks like is so glamorous but is a long process, and at the end of the day, the tasks related to the AI model are just a 5% or less of the project. We will see how to start an AI project from zero: defining the objectives, creating the architecture, building the game interfaces, massive data pipelines, defining model strategies, how to parallelize everything, etc. The "the abbey of crime" is an adamant 8-bit game. This game is more complicated that Montezuma Revenge and is a perfect challenge for an AI. Its complexity is about 10^1000 legal moves to solve it. As AI technology, we will use Reinforcement Learning using Deep Neural Networks and Monte Carlo Tree Search. The takeaways of this talk will be: understanding all the process involved to create an AI and learning the basic of Reinforcement Learning.

reinforcement learning deep learning keras kubernetes dockers